Wonder Woman and Confidence (E3)


It's Time for a Better Career Change!

Don't Put Your Happiness on Hold!

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by Amber Beam in Podcast
January 4, 2016

In the last episode, I shared my resilience experiment and how I doubled my productivity with the Pomodoro technique. Today, I’ll show you how to exude confidence with the Wonder Woman power pose. We also talk about faking it ‘til you become it!

New and Noteworthy

Gretchen Rubin – SuperSoul Sunday Interview with Oprah Winfrey

Self-Help Crash Test Dummy Experiment

Based on the TED talk Your body language shapes who you are by Amy Cuddy, I observed the nonverbal of others (and monitored my reactions) and practiced powering posing before a stressful meeting. I also let you in on a little secret, everyone fakes it! Well until they become it.

Results of My Self-Test Crash Test Dummy Experiment

  • Power posing felt odd, but I was more calm and confident going into the stressful meeting
  • Wonder if lady-like manners I was taught as a child may make me behave in “small” ways

The ONE Thing You Can Do

Be aware of your body language, take note of your stance and adjust your body to demonstrate confidence


5 Reasons to Celebrate Failure

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It's Time for a Better Career Change!

Don't Put Your Happiness on Hold!

Start Now!