Semi-Annual Podcast Review: Part II (E27)

Continuing to look back at six months of personal growth.


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June 21, 2016

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I’m excited to share the second half of my semi-annual review, following in the footsteps of my post last week where I reviewed the Self-Help Crash Test Dummy Experiments I’ve done in the past six months.  This week, I looked back over all of the interviews I’ve conducted as part of The Art of Personal Growth Podcast, and share my biggest takeaway from each one.

Here are are a few of the lessons I learned through the insightful conversations I had with each of the wellness coaches I’ve interviewed. To hear the full list of all the interviews, be sure to check out the episode!

Mindfulness and Meditation are a Daily Habit

In the Episode 7 Bonus Track, I sat down with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) instructor Meredith McEver to discuss three tips you can use to build a mindfulness practice. Personally, I continue to meditate and use mindfulness in my life almost daily (as I mentioned last week), and still find it valuable. This episode was the kick-off of that habit, and I’ll always think back fondly on my conversation with Meredith and the actionable tips she shared.

Losing Weight Won’t Make You Happy

In my interview with transformational health coach Alison Sherwood in Episode 16, we discussed cultivating peace in your own skin and practicing self love as part of finding health and happiness. One of my most important takeaways from our conversation was that losing weight won’t make you happy. Instead, you have to have self-acceptance and compassion to build a healthy relationship with yourself that’s sustainable for your whole life. When you address the issues preventing that self-acceptance and compassion, often the weight changes on its own.

Being Self-Employed Does Not Mean You Work Less

As I say in this week’s episode intro, I started The Art of Personal Growth podcast as a way to start my path to self-employment, helping other women find self-help techniques that work for them. It was therefore a great pleasure to interview the multi-talented Mary Catherine Starr for Episode 25 about living a purposeful and creative life. One of my biggest takeaways in that conversation was in learning self-employment doesn’t mean working less – it means working more, but doing work you’re passionate about. The work isn’t as stressful or demanding when the passion and purpose are there; this podcast continues to give me those feelings, and I’m eager to continue in the next six months and beyond!

Don’t forget, there are more important takeaways I learned from my interviews, including the bravery (and fun) of interviewing with Emily (Episode 3 Bonus Track), the importance of holistic health with Amy (Episode 21), and financial tips from Dominique (Episode 23). Be sure to check out this week’s episode for all the details by subscribing below (you can also download it in the audio block above).


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