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Happier Every Day Journal

In less than 5 minutes, set your intention and identify 3 gratitudes to train your brain to think more positively. Really easy – super quick. Plus, download and print a new set of journal pages every month!


Happier Every Day Journal

Reduced Stress, Boost Memory, Increase Positive Thinking, and Much More

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Reasons Journaling is Awesome

Journaling has many physical and psychological benefits.


  • Reduces Stress: Journaling helps you sort through the mental clutter and provide details on why you do what you do and feel what you feel. That brings calm to the forefront of your thinking, thereby reducing stress.

  • Strenghtens Immunity: A study out of the University of Texas at Austin shows journaling strengthens immunity; psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker contends that regular journaling strengthens immune cells. He believes that writing about stressful events helps you come to terms with them, thus reducing the impact of the stressors on your physical health.

  • Boosts Memory: There’s a unique relationship between the hand and the brain, as our hands are writing the words our mind sees the memory and the connections of the memory are strengthened, making the memory easier to recall in the future.

  • Facilitates Mindfulness: Journaling facilitates mindfulness because you’re focused on the present and jotting down how you feel right now – thoughts of the future and past fade and you focus your wandering mind on the present.

  • Creates a Psychological Blueprint:  By listing your 3 gratitudes (new and unique everyday), you can teach your brain to be on the lookout for more gratitudes, effectively creating a blueprint to find and remember the things you’re grateful for! Isn’t that incredible?!?