Fall in love
with your career.

Do the work you were born for.
Awaken your professional passion.

What if work wasn’t a four letter word but a tool for fulfillment and happiness?

Maybe right now you’re working a day job that doesn’t fuel your passion. You know there’s more to life than this, but whenever you try to brainstorm a way forward you come up blank.

Or maybe you’re searching for your “thing.” Problem is, you aren’t even sure what that thing might be. You’ve tried a million online tests, and read tons of self-help books, but you’re getting tired of feeling stuck figuring it out on your own when you should be taking steps toward your future.

Here’s a thought…

What if…

you can find a fulfilling career that puts a smile on your face each and every day?

What if…

you had someone to guide you? To help you see your blind spots and steer you clear of the cliffs of a lackluster career?

If you’re like many of the women I serve, you have tried countless methods to solve your problems, but instead of feeling motivated and clear, you’re stuck in a rut of tactics that are getting you nowhere…

It’s not your fault you haven’t achieved that progress…you just haven’t been given the right tools. Perhaps you’ve even gotten stuck in the trap of finding that “work/life balance” but so far you’re coming up empty handed.

Why? Work life balance is a myth. Surprised?

Instead, I help women like you create a work life fusion.

Fusion: The process of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

Our work and lives are so closely integrated it’s impossible to tease them apart.

That’s why it’s important to do work you love! When you’re in love with your work, it can happen at 11pm or 6am. It won’t matter because you’re excited and energized.

Now on the flip side – your life gets to happen at all hours too – so you can go to a 10am yoga class, catch a lecture series at the local university from 1-3pm, or watch your nephew’s soccer game at 3:30. The new world of work will obliterate the old fashioned 9 to 5 (thank goodness, right?).

You get to dictate how those hours are spent!

Not a boss, a cubicle, or clients.

That is the essence of work life fusion – and that’s what I specialize in! You’ll learn how to land the plush assignments and perform work that has a greater purpose. Because you’re so connected to the work, you don’t bring home frustration and anger – instead you bring home exciting stories and a sense of connection in all that you do.

Maybe you’re here because you:

  • Aren’t sure fulfilling work is even possible. If you’re honest, you may be stuck in the limiting belief that work can’t be rewarding and fulfilling. Well, here’s a little secret: There’s no reason you can’t fall in love with your work. There’s no reason you can’t have a career that lights you up and gives you purpose.
  • Are looking for your life’s purpose. You know you’re here for a reason but right now the universe hasn’t revealed that big passion or purpose to you. Sure, there are lots of things you enjoy, but what were you made to do day in and day out? What is your reason for being?
  • Are so tired of your j-o-b. Work for you has become a four-letter word and you live for when the clock strikes 5pm. You’re stuck in a serious rut and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Or, maybe you actually know what you need to do, but you have no idea how to get started. You know what changes need to made, but you don’t understand how to take that first step so instead you stay stuck in gridlock waiting for answers.

There’s no reason you can’t wake up each and every morning in love with the life you’ve created for yourself.

So, how do you get there? I’m so glad you asked!
Hi, I'm Amber Beam!

Positive Psychology Career Coach for women who want more out of life than a soul sucking 9-5 – they want work that’s motivating, fulfilling, and thrilling.

I totally understand where you’re coming from because I was once in your shoes. It wasn’t until I banished my own limiting beliefs and found the secret to my work life fusion that I truly understood the power of positive psychology and how it could impact the lives of women around me. When I realized that I could focus on what really mattered to me – helping like-minded women find career fulfillment and their purpose in life, by getting rid of their limiting beliefs, changing their mindsets, and persevering, my life started to change by leaps and bounds.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the work you do and find the balance you crave?

  • How would it feel to wake up each morning energized and ready to face the day with excitement?
  • How would you like to know your purpose and have a no kidding plan in place to make that purpose your reality?
  • How would it feel to spend weeknight dinners around the table excitedly sharing all the amazing things that happened that day?

I believe psychology can have a positive effect on our lives…

I work with women from all over the globe who are business minded, career focused, and ready for BIG positive changes in their lives. The women I work with don’t take no for an answer, they own their ability to make major shifts, believe the universe has their best intentions at heart, and desire change enough to take the steps needed. My clients love getting feedback in the form of a gentle nudge – I like to say I’m your cheerleader and your challenger. I will give you the gentle push you need to do your absolute best work.

My clients are high achieving, go-getter women just like you who need a little push in the right direction…

Positive psychology is all about how we can move forward with mindset shifts and taking leaps of faith in ourselves. It’s about your passion but also so much more – it’s finding the right combination of skills, passion, and perseverance (with a splash of good old fashioned gumption too). The good news is you haven’t failed – you just haven’t found that fusion yet – but life’s about the journey on the way to the destination. Embrace it!   

If you’re anything like me…

You have faith in the Law of Attraction, strive to maintain a positive mindset, understand that anything worth having takes time and hard work, and a little luck.

Most importantly you know that

You MUST have fun in the process.

When I’m not helping inspiring women change their lives and careers you can find me…

Loving life as an auntie – seriously spoiling is my jam. I buy all the fun toys and cheeky noise machines. (My sister loves that!)

Vacationing on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean drinking yummy umbrella drinks and reading spy thrillers. While relaxing in a hammock, I may be pondering what it would take to learn French so I can live out my vision board dream of taking a long summer “holiday” in Provence.

Hitting the foodie hot spots in Washington, D.C. and dropping in on museum exhibits at the Smithsonian. And, I never miss a chance to walk around the Tidal Basin when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Fun Fact! I was destined for psychology from childhood...

You can get to a place where your work is something you adore and something you’re proud of. You can get to a place where you have time to do the things you love – whether that’s spending time with family, volunteering, reading, or whatever else your heart desires.


How did I get here?

I came to the world of psychology through lots of study and years working in a conventional career. But, while workplace psychology is where I began my journey, positive psychology has become my passion. I have 10 years of experience in HR as a classically trained I/O psychologist which basically means I’m like a genie in a bottle. Let me explain…

The work I’ve done as an I/O psychologist has taught me how to motivate someone to do their best work, get teams to be productive and happy working together, and how to help people just like you find their blind spots and hidden talents and navigate them to a successful career and life. You don’t have to waste another minute in your unhappy job – you can be happy and successful now! Let’s find your strengths and natural gifts, leverage them in your work and personal life, and create a plan to set your passion in motion so you can create a life filled with meaning and purpose!

What are you waiting for?

My biggest high is connecting women with their passions, giving them encouragement and watching them accomplish the things they’ve only dreamed of up to this point. The most successful people combine passion and grit. Let’s figure out where your passions lie, what perseverance looks like for you, and how to make the pivots that will get you there.

You can love your life, and your work–
You just need someone to help you get to that turning point!

Ready to find out how we can take your passion, find your purpose,
and create something positive and meaningful in your life?

Ready to find out what the universe has in store for you?

(hint: it’s amazing!)

Choose your adventure and let’s begin!

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