3 Career Change Myths that Crush Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job

Career Change is Hard

You know people who are truly happy in their jobs. You just aren’t one of them.

You imagine what it would be like to go to work energized and excited, to see your hard work recognized and even rewarded. But that seems like a far-off fairytale.

Despite the pit in your stomach every morning, you don’t want to leave your miserable day job. You’ve made career transitions before, so it may be confusing why the thought is so scary this time around.


  • You know this job is not the right fit, but you’re unsure if or how the next will be any better.
  • You are known in the office as the master of spreadsheets and data analysis, but you want to do something completely different, and that’s terrifying.
  • You upgraded your resume and put out feelers, but none of the jobs you found is a good fit for your career goals or work-life balance needs.

Go-getters, like you, can’t waste time stuck in a dead-end job that fails to fulfill your career goals. If your career path is unclear, you don’t love the work you’re doing now, or you can’t see yourself progressing into your boss’ job or her boss’ job, it’s time to hightail it out of there!

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In my experience, high-achieving women, like you, have three major hang-ups when it comes to bolting for the door in search of success.

Here, I will debunk those myths and show you how to side-step the feelings of overwhelm and indecision that keep you stuck.

Career CHANGE Myths

Career Change Myth #1 – Changing careers is too overwhelming.

I get it! Change is intimidating. Unfortunately, going into the office day after day frustrated with your work, watching the clock, and hoping it gets better is pretty terrifying.

Career transition isn’t finding a new job. It’s finding the right job – the one that turns you into a Monday-loving employee and gives you the lifestyle of your dreams. You need a career strategy. A career strategy is a systematic approach to gain a deep understanding of the values and motivations that make work an exhilarating experience.

My system uses a proven sequence of steps to face the fears and overwhelm that keep you from moving forward. We identify your professional values and motivations, leverage your passion and strengths to find the perfect professional match, and create an action plan to land your dream job ASAP – instead of letting your career pass you by.

When you apply the system to your career transition, you secure a one-way ticket to the work you were born for, not to mention the lifestyle you deserve.

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Career Change Myth #2 – As long as I find a good paying job, I’ll be happy.

Nope. Sorry. An abundance of research supports the fact that more money rarely makes you happier.

Work is about more than a paycheck. You should enjoy the work you do and feel a solid connection to your life’s purpose. Lasting career success is fueled by the perfect match of meaningful work and a fulfilling life, not the number of zeros in your bank account.

In order to find a job that makes you happy, a holistic look at what makes you tick in the office and at home is necessary. Your strengths and passions are the building blocks of a great career. When you find their nexus, you find career gold – the work you were born for.

If you want a better understanding of what makes you tick, look at the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment. This tool gives you an in-depth look at your natural talents and offers suggestions for putting those specific strengths to good use.

Your professional happily ever after is built on a sturdy foundation of using your strengths to fulfill your passion. If you’re distracted by the paycheck, you’ll be hard-pressed to find your dream job.


Career Change Myth #3 – I suck at interviews and networking; no one’s going to hire me.

Talking about yourself ad nauseam is lame. Fortunately, that isn’t required to get your networking or interviewee skills on point.

Once firmly in-the-know about your strengths and passions, you can build a powerful, personal brand that speaks for itself. In doing so, you become confident and comfortable discussing how great you are and what makes you so great, without feeling like you’re bragging.

People (like interviewers) start to notice how special you are and what great talent you offer when you have a powerful personal brand. Unlike the other candidates they interviewed, you stand out in their minds. You have something unique which makes you attractive and valuable. Offers start to roll in – can you say salary negotiations?

Oh, and forget slimy business card swapping, dashing around a cavernous room trying to meet as many people as possible before the night ends. Using your personal brand, you confidently enter networking events ready to shake hands and capture the attention of the most important people in your industry.  Those people know your name.

Building an it girl brand will dazzle employers, double the number of job offers you receive, and deliver you curbside to your dream job. So, prepare and polish your brand, then unshackle yourself from your miserable day job so you can start living your dream.

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Making a career change is within your reach. You can overcome the uncertainty and doubt with a career strategy based on your strengths and passions. Confidently press the eject button, and move from stuck to success.